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More Information about Canine Influenza

We are having many questions about canine influenza (CI). The link below is to an article on Veterinary Information Network News Service which addresses some of these concerns.

I talked today with the Georgia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories in Athens. They have not had a confirmed case of either strain of canine influenza recently.

The article below indicates that while we cannot be sure if the vaccine now available will protect against this new strain of CI, the opinion of many experts is that it probably does not help or is of minimal help.

In the article linked below, Dr. Poulsen of the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory feels that the vaccine is unlikely to work against the new strain. Poulsen said. “While the vaccine’s efficacy against the H3N2 is unknown at this time — there are no controlled studies — it has a low likelihood of side effects that would hurt dogs. It’s one of our recommendations.” But remember, he is recommending the vaccine be given to dogs in a state which has had confirmed cases of the new strain.


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